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We combine passion and playfulness with heaps of Carribean flavour, to whisk you away. The Havana Beach maestro mixologists create faultless cocktails, with flair. Traditional ingredients are poured into our food and drink menus, along with a lot of love and care. We’re here to have some fun.

We’re #havanagoodtime.

And now, we’re open for dine-in, pick-up or delivery straight to your door!



We source local ingredients for our drinks and snacks. Additionally, our products do not need refrigeration until opened, so they can live a long time on your shelf with no expiry date. Our product packaging and shipping materials are 100% recyclable. 

SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESS AT Warringah Mall: #havanabeach

You can find our latest outlet at Warringah Mall in the Dolphin Fountain Court precinct, right besides Lululemon. All we're saying is: Cocktails at the mall!

Truckin’ Delicious!

We bring the good times to you!
We have looked after events ranging from as little as 40 guests and catered for public food festivals with over 200,000 attendees and 12,000 prepared meals in one single weekend.

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